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DC207 is a DEF CON group focused on community, education, mentoring and bringing the hacker and InfoSec community in Maine together. We meet the second Thursday of every month in the Old Port at 6 PM. For event information please visit events.dc207.org. Our gatherings feature presentations, workshops, CTFs, and anything else in which the community is interested. The group is community-driven, and allows its members to be active so they can learn or teach about a subject they are passionate about. DC207 also supports the already-existing security-related and technology-focused groups, and we encourage members of all groups to collaborate and share knowledge. We are strong together!

The mission of the DC207 group is to advance knowledge and educate anyone interested in science, technology, and other areas of information security through project collaborations, group gatherings, and group activities that will best serve our community and the world.

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E-mail us at root@dc207.org

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title: DC207 CTF

date of meeting: May 9th 2019

description: Shall we play another game?

After the fun of our first CTF, it’s back again! We’ll break up into teams and challenge you and your team mates to break the security of servers and applications. We’ll be screening the 1995 classic “The Net” - you won’t want to miss it!

title: War Games - Teaching threat modeling

date of meeting: April 11th 2019

description: Want to learn a card trick?

Ready to have some fun and learn about threat modeling in the process? We’ll be breaking into groups and playing elevation of privilege. It’s a super fun way to learn how to make the dull threat modeling a little more fun and lively. Come join us for drinks, cards, and pizza, it’ll be a blast.

title: Remote persistant access

date of meeting: March 14th 2019

description: Pentesting tools in action

Join us back at out home in Covetrus for a talk about pentesting and remote access. Agenda items will also include planning for the May CTF game.

title: DC207 Lockpick Workshop

date of meeting: Febuary 21st 2019

description: Lockpicking workshop.

Join us for a fun workshop teaching the subject of lockpicking. This fun will really open some doors (get it?) for people. RSVP for a free lockpick kit and deadbolt to learn with. Will be hosted at Locally Sauced on Thompson’s Point.

title: DC207 CTF

date of meeting: January 10th 2019

description: Shall we play a game?.

Please join us for an evening of hacking, snacking, drinking, and watching the movie “Hackers”. Meeting

title: Let’s not wait for the heat death of the universe before we secure our APIs

date of meeting: December 13th 2018

description: Horrors of API security revealed! Talk by Ben Hamilton.

Meeting two! DC207 is back in action with a hot security topic, pizza, and prizes on December 13th. Ben Hamilton will be presenting a talk focused on vulnrabilities in APIs. He’ll explore how APIs are an often overlooked by development teams.

Pizza from OTTO, softdrinks on site. The CTF event requires a write-up, submit yours @ root@dc207.org for a chance for to win a Pen-testing Raspberry Pi. See you there!

title: DC207 Resurrected: OSINT - What we already know

date of meeting: November 08 2018

description: DC207 Resurrected. Talk by Benjamin Allen, OSINT - What we already know.

Our first meeting will take place on November 8th, 2018. We’ll have a 20 minute talk about open source intellegence titled: “OSINT - What we already know”. We’ll explore open source intellegence and how effective it can be in gain access to resources. You’ll learn what you need to do to profile yourself, and your own company.

We’ll also take a little time to talk though the solution of the CTF challenge posted below. We’ll talk about how we want to run our meetings, CTF challenges, and have a drink or two afterwards.

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